TransCaribe will operate 100% with natural gas vehicles

April 22, 2019. Cartagena’s mass transportation system is cataloged as the most transparent in Colombia because, despite not yet working 100%, seeks to contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse effect on the planet with its natural gas vehicles operation.

“Our vehicles are powered by natural gas, which reduces by 99% all the pollutants that affect the health of Cartagena people and also work with biogas, therefore there is a variety of fuel,” explained Humberto Ripoll, Manager of TransCaribe.

The impact is reflected in less pollutant particles to the environment with 282 buses circulating with Euro 6 gas technology, thus reducing the risks of respiratory diseases; These costs the country about $ 12.2 billion a year, according to the National Planning Department.

“TransCaribe to December of last year had avoided emitting 1.300.000 tons of CO2 to the environment, which is a huge contribution,” added Ripoll.

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