October 8, 2020. The Organización Suma, a concessionaire of TransMilenio SA, will begin operating this October 13 the first 48 buses of 80 passengers with combustion engines powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) with Euro VI emission standard, of the 300 new units that will be incorporated into the zonal component of the System, thus complying with the renewal commitments with the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, Colombia.

These new vehicles will mainly benefit the inhabitants of the town of Ciudad Bolívar, in the south of Bogotá and more than a million people who live in the towns of Tunjuelito, Kennedy, Fontibón, Engativá, Chapinero and Usaquén, among other areas. In addition to contributing to improving the provision of service to users, the new fleet will contribute to better air quality in Bogotá, reducing emissions of particulate matter due to the latest technology in the engines.

To make the equivalence, 6,000 buses with CNG technology and Euro VI emission standard emit the same amount of particulate material as a single old bus with Euro II emission standard for each kilometer traveled.

Among the characteristics of these vehicles, with capacity for 80 passengers, Scania brand and with Busscar bodies, the following stand out: quieter engines, isolation of the driver’s cabin to protect him from possible physical attacks and exposure to the contagion of COVID-19 with separate cabin design, accessibility platform for people with disabilities, (which makes them 100% accessible) and built-in security cameras.

With the entry into operation of the new Suma concessionaire buses, there will be a total of 363 CNG vehicles, linked so far to the zonal component of the System, thus fulfilling the commitments to renew the vehicle fleet, both in the zonal and trunk components of TransMilenio.