United Kingdom steps up development of biomethane in transport

January 10, 2021. One of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom, ASDA, has contracted Air Liquide to install and operate six biomethane (BioNGV) distribution stations to refuel trucks on its sites. Alongside other investments to increase Air Liquide’s production and distribution capacities, this major contract marks a significant acceleration in the Group’s development of its biomethane activity in the UK.

British retail group ASDA will commission more than 300 new BioNGV trucks in 2021 to reduce the environmental footprint of its transport activities. To support ASDA, Air Liquide will install and operate biomethane stations on 6 of the retailer’s 15 sites. These stations will refuel both ASDA trucks and those of some partners.

The new stations for ASDA, which will be operational by the first quarter of 2021, will boost Air Liquide’s network to 20 filling stations in the UK. These stations are dedicated to refilling fleets of trucks and buses. At the end of 2019, Air Liquide acquired Gas Bus Alliance, which added 7 biomethane filling stations for buses to its network in the country.

The Group will also install its tenth biomethane production plant in the UK by the summer of 2021, near Nottingham, with a production capacity of 90 GWh. Today, Air Liquide’s biomethane production capacity in the UK amounts to 650 GWh per year, which is enough to supply 1,000 trucks.

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