Vanti to invest US$ 7 million to build three natural gas stations in Bogotá

February 3, 2020. Vanti will invest about US$ 7 million in the construction of three new service stations to supply the 556 new natural gas buses that will be part of the Integrated Mass Transportation System of Bogotá (SITP), Colombia.

This decision was taken by Vanti after the abbreviated tender that was awarded last December to renew the vehicle fleet in several areas of the capital was made public, a process in which natural gas was again the winning option for its quality, low environmental impact and great competitiveness.

The new stations are complementary to the six that will supply phase I and II of Transmilenio and were delivered before the deadline established in the contracts, with an investment close to US$ 14 million.

The three new facilities will feature robust compression systems that allow for a record refill time, which ranges from 8 to 10 minutes per bus, thanks to rapid filling technology for mass transit systems manufactured and assembled in Canada.

According to the daily number of buses to attend, fleets of 50 to 300 units can be supplied in the different places distributed throughout the city, guaranteeing vehicle journeys of 250 km per day on average.

To date, Vanti offers a natural gas supply infrastructure with an over capacity of 42% compared to the actual requirements of the Transmilenio operation, providing maximum availability and support to the system and its users.

“The highly satisfactory experience in operation, competitiveness and environmental impact of the new fleet of natural gas buses of phases I and II of Transmilenio and the new award of 556 SITP buses also with this technology, consolidate natural gas as the best option for the renewal of public transport fleet in the city and in the country, especially for its great benefits for air quality, and without any cost overruns,” said Rodolfo Anaya, President of Vanti.

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