June 21, 2019. As part of the Alternative Fuels Omnibus Pilot Test of the Clean Mobility Plan implemented by the Transportation Secretariat of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Ministry of Transportation of Argentina, Agrale Argentina presented its bus powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), which was developed, tested and produced by the firm in the country.

This bus (model MT 17.0 LE GNV) with rear engine, is 12 m long and its size and appearance are similar to those currently circulating in several cities of the country; It has a total gross weight of 17 tons and can carry 28 seated passengers. It is powered by a Cursor 8 Euro VI engine manufactured in Europe by Fiat Power Train (FPT), which delivers 272 HP with a torque of 1100 Nm between 1100 and 1700 rpm.

The components of the gas equipment have been provided by TA Gas Technologies and has four lightweight cylinders of 856 liters that were made of high density plastic coated with carbon fiber, thus offering great strength and 30% less weight compared to the steel cylinders. The set of cylinders has a capacity to load 200 m3 of gas and offers a range, according to travel and qualities of traffic, of between 300 and 400 kilometers.

“The CNG in Argentina is of good quality so that the engine runs smoothly. The charging time with a normal peak is 25 minutes, but with a special one it can be done up to 12. This unit was bodied by Todobus and will be presented soon to the public”, summarized Ignacio Armendariz, Commercial Manager of Agrale Argentina.