Bolivia promotes the use of natural gas vehicles in transportation

June 25, 2020. On Thursday morning, in the hall of the Casa Grande del Pueblo, the press conference was held with the presence of the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Víctor Hugo Zamora and the Executive General Director of the Conversion Executing Entity to Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV), Manolo Zabala.

On this occasion, the economic reactivation plan for the transport sector in Bolivia was presented, through the implementation of the “Incentive Program for the Development and Sustainability of the Energy Matrix in the Transport Sector”, referring to the creation of a trust fund of 140 million Bolivians, destined to grant individual or associative credits, to the affiliates of the Bolivian Union Confederation of Drivers, the Bolivian Confederation of Free Transport and all sectors of organized motor transport that use NGV as fuel.

This program will make it possible to obtain accessible credit lines: for the technological improvement in the gas operation system, in transformation processes to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and repair and maintenance of vehicles dedicated to natural gas.

Likewise, said credits will be used to accelerate the implementation of the NGV Fifth Generation Equipment Program (Sequential System) and the NGV – LNG Service Station Enabling Program.

The Minister of Hydrocarbons stated that among the benefits for the transport sector are: payment facilities and adequate interest rates to obtain lines of credit, technological improvement in transformation processes and a reduction in operating and maintenance costs; All of these actions translate into greater benefits for drivers and their families.

On the other hand, the Executive General Director of the EEC-GNV reported that, with this economic reactivation, it is intended to reach approximately 72,000 jobs for the public transport sector and 5,000 indirect jobs in the activities of conversion workshops, requalification, service stations and others.

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