Colombian OPL Carga adds 22 trucks dedicated to NGV to its fleet

January 1, 2021. The logistics and transportation company OPL Carga SAS, with the collaboration of Promigas, Gases del Caribe and Vanti, acquired 22 Euro VI trucks, Scania brand, dedicated 100% to natural gas, which will operate on national routes from the center of the country towards the Atlantic coast, thus expanding its fleet with clean energy.

“At OPL Carga SAS we are very proud of this acquisition, which represents great economic and environmental benefits for our operation and territory. Additionally, I am pleased to announce that we are waiting for 12 additional vehicles that are close to arriving and thus close 2020 with a total of 55 trucks that are completely environmentally friendly”, says Edgardo Espinosa Martinez, Vice President of Bids and Contracts at OPL.

With these investments, OPL Carga SAS consolidates the country’s largest fleet of trucks with clean fuel, leading the transformation of the transport sector, one of the largest generators of polluting emissions, towards high standards of environmental sustainability. Practically without expending particulate material and with a 30% reduction in greenhouse gases, the operation of gas vehicles contributes to the achievement of the country’s objectives in terms of climate change and to guaranteeing better air quality, whose deterioration is attribute more than 15,000 deaths a year.

As if that were not enough, by using natural gas, the sector can also obtain savings of up to 30% in its fuel cost and access the tax benefits regulated by the National Government, such as VAT exemption on the acquisition of vehicles or discounts up to 25% in income tax, improving its competitiveness in a complex environment such as the current one.

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