Three CNG fueled Scania trucks for Wemmers Tanktransport

July 28, 2020. Wemmers Tanktransport recently ordered three new Scania trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) to be deployed in Belgium. In addition, the food transport specialist ordered 40 diesel units from Scania’s distributor in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. For a Belgian customer, the quiet and clean 410 hp 13-liter Euro 6 gas engine was chosen, fully in line with the company’s ambition to reduce the ecological footprint of its own activities.

Director Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen explains: “These three CNG vehicles are used in the Belgian city of Aalst. Our client’s sugar factory located there is near a residential area and we wanted to take care of our transportation activities as much as possible. In addition to the fact that nitrogen and particulate emissions, for example, are up to 90% lower, trucks also make less noise. This is not only good for the driver, but also for local residents.”

The choice of CNG and not liquefied natural gas (LNG) is clear to Van den Nieuwenhuizen: “In Aalst there is a CNG station around the corner from the sugar factory and LNG is far from being able to supply itself in Belgium. Furthermore, the factory could produce its own biogas in the near future. So it would be almost CO2 neutral and that is our ultimate goal.”

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