Consorcio DIA to operate a fleet of 42 natural gas trucks in Colombia

September 23, 2020. Consorcio DIA, based in the Colombian city of Santa Marta, negotiated in alliance with Gases del Caribe for the purchase of a fleet of 42 Sinotruk brand trucks from the Sitrak line that operate 100% with gas natural.

Gases del Caribe offers long-term gas supply contracts with competitive prices for these new vehicles that will circulate on the roads of the Caribbean Coast.

“Within our business sustainability plan we had the need to invest in the renewal of our equipment; the decision we made was in vehicles dedicated to gas, due to the improvement in the environment, the technical part and the economic improvement of our business”, said Juan Diego Ochoa, General Manager of Consorcio DIA.

“From Gases del Caribe we are making every effort to continue advancing and strengthening sustainable mobility on the coast and the rest of the country. Natural gas has shown that it has environmental benefits and competitive prices to displace the use of other polluting fuels and thus take care of the air we breathe,” says Mario Cuello, Distribution Deputy Manager of Gases del Caribe.

Consorcio DIA is a group made up of Transportes Aroca S.A.S., Coordinadora de Tanques S.A.S. and Duramos Transportes S.A.S, who together cover the route Pozos Colorados – Mina Calenturitas for their client Drummond.

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