Iveco introduces the Natural Power range in Argentina

March 12, 2019. The truck company, which operates in the country since 1969, launched the Natural Power range, the first compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in Argentina, within the framework of its 50th anniversary of national manufacture in the industrial pole of Ferreyra in Córdoba.

After introducing to the local market the Daily Hi-Matic (the first utility with eight-speed automatic transmission) in 2017, this year advances with the incorporation into the local market of the Daily Blue Power and the Stralispowered by CNG. It also presented the advance of Tector 160E21 fueled by CNG that will begin manufacturing in Argentina in the last quarter of the year.

The latest generation of the Natural Power range has the highest technology, design and equipment equivalent to its diesel pair, with a benefit of up to a third in reducing the cost of fuel in relation to them. “The introduction of the Natural Power range to the Argentine market is mainly due to a change in the energy matrix in commercial vehicles in the country, but also to offer our carriers a more cost-effective solution in their operation. On the other hand, it is a sign of the brand’s interest in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment,”said Sebastián Rodríguez Macías, Commercial Director of Iveco Argentina, adding: “With a reduction of 15% in emissions of nitrogen monoxide (NOx) and 76% less particles, compared to diesel fuel, the vehicles maintain the power and robustness that characterizes them.”

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