The use of natural gas vehicles in Bolivia generates savings to the state

August 21, 2019. 25% of vehicles in Bolivia today use natural gas, which generates an annual saving of more than USD 275 million to the State, said the Executing Entity for Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion (EEC-GNV) .

“Bolivia’s automotive fleet reflects a significant growth rate in the last five years as a work of the State policy that the Ministry of Hydrocarbons implemented,” said the executive director of that entity, Alejandra Huaylla.

The official made these statements during its presentation on the “Integral system of ecological transport”, within the framework of the second version of the Week of Hydrocarbons-Gas, Petrochemicals and Green Fuels, which takes place in the city of Santa Cruz.

In that sense, she stressed that one of the biggest challenges of Latin American countries, including Bolivia, is to achieve efficient energy consumption within sovereignty, energy security and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

“We want to broaden the vision of using natural gas for vehicles with compressed, liquefied and petroleum gas technology. The entity will be responsible for standardization, certification, authorization, execution, monitoring and control of these new technologies,” she explained.

To that end, the National Hydrocarbons Agency will carry out regulatory management to expand the commercialization and distribution of compressed natural gas through service stations and conversion and requalification workshops.

Likewise, the state-owned company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos will implement the service stations for these new technologies in order to give sustainability, accessibility and security to the population, in a work articulated with the municipal and departmental government.

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