Barranquilla doubles the conversion of vehicles to natural gas

After recording negative figures in 2017, vehicle conversions to compressed natural gas (CNG) increased 19% in Colombia in the first half of this year. Barranquilla was the fourth city with the most converted vehicles.

A report by the Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas) indicates that in the first six months of the year, 9.421 cars went from using gasoline to natural gas in the country, while in Barranquilla were 845. In the same period last year, the accumulated was 408, which means that this activity doubled.

It is estimated that Colombia currently operates more than 170.000 natural gas vehicles, of which 19.329 are in the Atlantic, Magdalena and Cesar areas. Most of this last figure, about 14.500, circulates in Barranquilla.

The first three cities in terms of conversions this year are Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, with 3.095, 1.549 and 1.365, respectively.

The president of Naturgas, Orlando Cabrales, points out that the behavior registered in the conversions of natural gas vehicles is explained by the increase in the price of gasoline so far this year. He assured that the savings with the use of CNG represent up to 45% compared to the operation with gasoline and 30% against diesel.

Other factors that have encouraged the changes are the renewals of companies and public service fleets and the incentives to the final price of the installation that are transferred to customers.

Cabrales said that the country has the infrastructure and support required to meet the demand of vehicles that operate with CNG.

Data of Gas Natural S.A. ESP Colombia indicates that according to the conversion statistics of the last 5 years, close to 52% of the vehicles that operate with CNG in the country correspond to public service, and the remaining to private and other segments.

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