Increase of gasoline and ethanol prices favors the use of CNG in Alagoas

With more than 20 thousand vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG) in Alagoas, Brazil, people are increasingly interested in having an economic alternative to the exorbitant prices of liquid fuels. According to investigations by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), during the first half of 2018, the average price per liter of gasoline was R$ 4,499, reaching an increase of almost 10% in said period.

The latest weekly surveys of the ANP also point to the difference in CNG prices in relation to liquid fuels in Maceió stations. Only in the Alagoan capital, natural gas for vehicles presents an economy of almost 55% compared to gasoline, which already costs R$ 4.99 in the city, and also in relation to ethanol.

“Drivers who circulate a lot perceive in the CNG an opportunity to reduce costs compared to gasoline and ethanol, and now the viability in the adoption of this fuel is even more noticeable, with the new incentives available in the market, such as for example, the discount on the IPVA of 50% on average for vehicles that use CNG, explains the commercial manager of the natural gas distributor of Alagoas (Algás), Fabio Sousa.

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