Delivering, in full, on time, in specification every time

Oasis Engineering, a specialist CNG and product development company situated in the City of Tauranga, New Zealand is situated only 15 minutes from New Zealand’s biggest port and two hours south of New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland, which means they can keep their promises on delivery times.

In fact, Oasis Engineering has an outstanding track record for on-time deliveries, since Andy Cameron took over the running of Oasis Engineering as Managing Director in 2003. Since then the company has seen the on-time completion of all projects at the agreed upon date 97% of the time.

“In our production facility we utilized the very best modern computer numerical controlled machine tool technology. This technology allows us to be versatile, enable fast set up times and gives us the ability to customize sizes and shapes of components for whatever project you require,” says Cameron.

Oasis Engineering has a professional team of skilled engineers who have a wealth of unparalleled experience in working with different materials which include stainless steel, brass, aluminum and engineering plastics.

This means that Oasis Engineering can find solutions for any customers requests as efficiently as possible. Having the experience of working with many different materials in many ways means Oasis Engineering has a facility that harbors innovation and forward thinking.

Oasis Engineerings’ Vice President of Business Development for USA & Canada, Ricky Lee says, “At Oasis we have seen the benefits of encouraging close relationships with our customers and business partners to the point where we support Engineer to Engineer discussions to aid in complex scenarios and issues companies and individuals may face around their desired solutions”.

If you have requirements that cannot be fulfilled by off the shelf products, Oasis Engineering can customize and develop solutions to any customers’ requirements.

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