French number of bioCNG filling stations continues to grow

May 22, 2020. Sia Partners has outlined the state-of-the-art biomethane sector in France in a report entitled “Biomethane Observatory”. The number of service stations distributing bioCNG in France continues to increase, according to the report, although Sia Partners is concerned about a probable delay in the roadmap due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

Sia Partners’ report illustrates that the bioCNG market in France is still young and mainly driven by large French groups, except for a few “pure players” such as Proviridis. GNVert, a subsidiary of Engie, remains the main operator of BioCNG stations in the country.

Out of 83 stations delivering bioCNG in France in 2020, 30 were commissioned by GNVert. Air Liquide (13 sites), AS24 (8), Endesa (7), Total (6) and Proviridis/Vgas (6) followed.

Sia Partners forecasts that 36 BioCNG filling station will be rolled out in 2021. Total (12), Proviridis/Vgas (5), Air Liquide (4), AS24 (4) and Avia-Primagaz (3) will operate the new sites.

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