Major new study backs biomethane for U.K. road transport

November 18, 2020. The findings of the new Low Emissions Freight Trial (LEFT) report published today by the Low CVP acknowledges that heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), fueled by biomethane can provide significant carbon reductions. Further confirmation that they should be a key technology for transport decarbonisation says industry trade association the Gas Vehicle Network (GVN).

The report outlines that biomethane fueled HGVs could reduce carbon emissions by up to 85% on a well to wheel basis. It also notes that additional capital and maintenance costs in gas vehicles compared to diesel, pay back in 2 years at 160,000 km/year.

Another key finding was that methane slip was not an issue for the gas trial trucks.

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs for GVN said that: “Biomethane HGVs represent a no regrets solution available today. The LEFT report provides definitive evidence that biomethane trucks will help the UK meet its decarbonisation goals. The Department for Transport must now recognize this in their upcoming Transport Decarbonisation Plan.”

“This would provide logistics managers and haulage companies with a clear message that they need to begin decarbonising their fleets now. Biomethane fueled HGVs are the logical choice. They are cheaper to run, and as the new report says, they emit significantly lower levels of carbon as well.”

“There is no other sector of the United Kingdom economy where large CO₂ emissions cuts can be so quickly and cost-effectively implemented as in the HGV, and in particular the long-distance truck sector.”

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