New hybrid biogas buses for Stadtwerke Gießen

November 30, 2020. MIT.BUS, a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Gießen (SWG), recently replaced the six oldest articulated vehicles in its fleet with more modern units powered by biogas, making them nearly neutral in terms of CO2 emissions on the road. In this way, the company is once again intensifying its efforts to protect the environment, because each of the 18-meter-long MAN Lion’s City 18 C buses consumes almost 4,450 kilograms less fuel than the previous vehicles with an annual mileage of around of 50,000 kilometers. In total, the six new buses save almost 27 tons of fuel per year, thanks in part to “EfficientHybrid” technology.

“The new units have a start-stop function that shuts down the engine at stops and red lights, and therefore reduces emissions to zero during this time,” explains Mathias Carl, CEO of MIT.BUS. The electrical energy required for frequent starting processes is generated by the vehicle during braking (recovery). The Crankshaft Starter Generator (KSG), which is what MAN calls the drive component designed for it, generates electricity with each braking process, which is stored in a powerful battery.

But other technical developments also contribute to reducing fuel consumption. New vehicles only need one alternator instead of the usual two, and the newly developed economy engine has a smaller displacement. This makes the buses lighter than previous models that were previously in service for MIT.BUS. In this way, the new units optimally meet the SWG requirements in terms of environmental protection, economy and performance.

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