New inline and vent line breakaway valves

Tauranga-based global engineering experts Oasis Engineering is soon to release new inline and vent line breakaway valves with application in both public and private CNG refueling stations.

New Zealand’s leading engineering company and compressed natural gas (CNG) specialists Oasis Engineering are known for their products and services, making them leaders in the engineering industry. Oasis Engineering has been recognized for their innovation, product development and customization; producing top of the line products. Soon they will be releasing their newest inline and vent line breakaway valves.

“We are very excited for the release of our new inline and vent line breakaways. The unique design of these products allows for efficient handling and safety in varying applications”, says Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development USA and Canada.

Oasis Engineering provides products that majorly benefit companies throughout the world and have been recognized for reliability, innovation and customer service. Their focus on delivering Reliable products to their customers fuels the innovative approach that this company has towards the development of their products as well. The inline and vent line breakaways are another example of their effort to provide their customers with efficient and safe products.

“These valves are used on CNG dispenser hoses that disconnect during a drive off, which stops the flow of gas. It follows the sample principle as breakaways installed at petrol and diesel stations, but they work at a much high pressure”. Says Ricky Lee

These valves are designed to separate when a specific amount of stress is applied to them and have a capacity of withholding 102,000 pressure cycles. The vent line breakaway valve comes with a pressure balanced connection that eliminates unwanted separation. It is easily serviceable with a two-piece assembly and has a light weight design which reduces damage to the dispensers.

The use of durable and corrosion resistant material is also another attractive property of these valves.

Oasis Engineering has been a staple in the global Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry by providing products that encourage their customers to move towards the use of renewable natural gas (RNG). The release of the inline and vent line breakaways will provide customers with another innovative product with a commendable efficiency and quality.

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