NGV conversion intensifies in the Peruvian vehicle market

September 29, 2019. So far this year there has been a growth in vehicle conversions to compressed natural gas (CNG) in Peru. Currently, 13% of motorists consider converting their vehicles to this system, according to data collected by Acceso Crediticio.

However, the greatest intention of change occurred outside Lima. The survey was conducted in Lima, Ica, Trujillo, among other cities, where there is a great penetration of NGVs.

In addition, the sample reflects that the preference for this system increases among the young population and in those who use their private vehicles to offer taxi service by applications.

To date, there are approximately 250,000 vehicles that run on natural gas. This represents 10% of the light vehicle fleet, between taxis and private vehicles.

According to Acceso Crediticio, market growth in terms of penetration of converted vehicles has been at a rate of 2% in the last eight years. However, there are 10% of motorists who probably would not switch to CNG; and 7% who are undecided.

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