Scania biogas trucks for waste collection in Finland

April 30, 2020. The municipality of Kuopio, in Finland, tendered the waste collection service and the Finnish subsidiary of Urbaser managed to win the contract, thanks to the provision of its services using six Scania biogas trucks, which was decisive.

“We will continue to increase the number of biogas vehicles,” says Urbaser’s fleet manager Harri Hietala. “Our customers are increasingly interested in reducing emissions from transportation and in tenders that require greener alternatives.”

In addition to superior environmental performance, Urbaser highlights the low noise level of the gas Scania P 340, as well as the excellent ergonomics and visibility of the cab.

The range with frequent starts and stops is 350 kilometers per fill. Therefore, the simple compressed gas tank is more than adequate considering that each new truck travels approximately 100 kilometers per day. With the biogas filling station along the garbage collection routes, Urbaser decides not to fill the tanks completely to speed up the refueling, which takes 10 to 15 minutes, roughly the same as with diesel.

“Biogas trucks fit perfectly into our strategy and our values,” says Arto Ryhänen, managing director of the Kuopio waste management company Jätekukko. “After all, waste management is part of the circular economy. We collect organic waste from homes in Kuopio, which are then transported to the Kuopio plant for biogas production.”

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