The Nordic LNG filling station network is expanding

June 19, 2019. Energy company Gasum is today opening its second gas filling station for heavy-duty vehicles in Sweden. The filling station, located in Norrköping, is a part of Gasum’s ambitious plan to build a Nordic network of 50 LNG for heavy duty vehicles located in high traffic areas by early 2020s.

The first filling station in Sweden was opened in Västerås in May, and in Finland there are already six stations.

In order to respond to the growing demand of low emission fuel options, energy company Gasum is planning to build a network of 50 LNG sites for heavy-duty vehicles.

The new network of stations offers logistic companies LNG as well as liquefied biogas (LBG). The new filling stations will be built in high traffic areas.

“Based on market demand, Gasum is building a network of filling stations in the Nordics in close co-operation with several partners. This development will accelerate the growth of gas-based hauling in the Nordics and at the same time offer logistic companies sustainable fuel options that will help them reach their environmental targets,” says Mikael Antonsson, Director, Traffic, Gasum Sweden.

Altogether, Gasum has more than 30 filling stations for different vehicle segments in Sweden and Finland.

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