Shell to expand its network of bio-LNG stations in Germany

January 16, 2020. Shell wants to have a network of 35 to 40 sites with liquefied natural gas (LNG). All the sites will use CO2-neutral bio-LNG.

The concept covers the entire domestic heavy road transport value chain, including the procurement of biomethane from manure, agricultural or municipal waste, the construction of gas liquefaction capacity and the distribution of CO2-neutral LNG through Shell’s LNG filling stations. Shell is also working to convert its own fleet of tankers to LNG.

“This step shows that we are serious. We want to help achieve the Paris Agreement and our global goal of reducing the net CO2 emissions of the energy products sold by Shell by around 20% by 2035 and by about half by 2050,” said Fabian Ziegler, Country Chairman, Shell Germany.

The initiative complements Shell’s investment in other alternative fuels such as synthetic diesel from natural gas (GTL), compressed natural gas (CNG), diesel fuel with 33% renewable components (R33 Blue Diesel) as well as hydrogen and battery charging infrastructure in Germany.

“Our mission is to offer every customer – business and private – at our stations a cleaner and competitive alternative to mobility. We also believe that the change towards a cleaner future requires cooperation between the energy industry, vehicle manufacturers, customers, politicians and authorities so that everyone can play their part in the energy turnaround,” said Jan Toschka, General Manager Retail for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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