Zaragoza begins operating its first biomethane bus

December 3, 2020. In a commitment to sustainable mobility, the Zaragoza Area Transport Consortium, Spain, has launched from December 1, the first Scania bus operated by Grupo Aragón Tours, powered by biomethane for regular line 210. Naturgy will be the company in charge of supplying the biomethane through the virtual gas pipeline of the Calvera Industrial Group, which will be transported to the supply point.

Biomethane, coming from a Naturgy production plant in Vila Sana (Lérida), is obtained from the purification of biogas produced by anaerobic digestion of pig slurry generated in the attached farm and co-substrates. This circumstance allows a great environmental benefit by taking advantage of the waste to produce the energy that moves the bus.

The Calvera Industrial Group, with this project, has started up the first virtual biomethane gas pipeline in Spain. Calvera’s NG TRUCK, which integrates 10 gas storage modules on a specifically developed trailer, allows, in addition to storing it at high pressure (250 bar) and transporting it from the generation plant to the point of consumption, dispensing it to the Scania vehicle under the required conditions. This system also facilitates the future possibility of scaling or expanding the flow of consumption, as well as allowing a distributed use of this renewable gas, carrying out the substitution of fossil fuels in several fleets or points of consumption.

The Scania vehicle can be propelled by CNG or biomethane indistinctly and has a successful 340CV kinematic chain and an automatic gearbox that is a market leader with more than 1,000 units circulating in Spanish territory. The bus has an aluminum body with numerous security and accessibility systems and can be configured as a Midibus, whose reduced and efficient size allows it to move through the center of a large city or with large and accessible platforms of 12m, 15m and 18m capable of operate within cities, on commuter consortium lines, or even on long-distance lines with up to 800km of autonomy.

Scania’s new generation CNG engines provide 50% noise reduction during all hours of operation and, thanks to the implementation of biomethane, the carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 83%.

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