Natgas Querétaro to build three NGV stations in Monterrey

January 17, 2020. Natgas Querétaro, a company that operates natural gas vehicles (NGV) filling stations, will open three new facilities in Monterrey, Mexico.

“One of the new stations will be on Eugenio Garza Sada Avenue, at the height of the Colonia Nuevo Repueblo, while another will be installed on Lincoln Avenue, at the height of the Colonia Industrial Lincoln, and one more is still on define”, detailed Natgas Querétaro.

Recently, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) granted Natgas Querétaro a permit for the sale to the public of compressed natural gas (CNG) through the operation of a refueling station located on Félix U. Gómez, at the height of Colonia Juana de Arco.

In Querétaro, Natgas now operates seven CNG stations, three more in Aguascalientes and two facilities in Guanajuato and two in Jalisco, being one of Mexico’s largest companies in this field.

The Mexican Association of Natural Gas Vehicles (AMGNV) estimates that more than 15 thousand motor vehicles converted to NGV already circulate in the country.

“What stops users from acquiring or converting more vehicles to green energy is the lack of public filling infrastructure. Although at the moment the electric vehicle fleet is greater, the prospect is that the NGV will overcome it, since converting a car is accessible and the workshops have financing plans, on the other hand the electric cars take a long time to load and must come from manufacturing, while with the NGV the filling time is almost the same as gasoline”, experts explain.

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