Salamanca Naturgy and Beconsa inaugurate the first public CNG/LNG station

October 16, 2019. Salamanca Naturgy and Beconsa have inaugurated the first public natural gas filling station for vehicles in Salamanca, located on Vertical Third Street, 6, in Polígono el Montalvo III of Carbajosa de la Sagrada, Spain. Representatives of both companies and various authorities, including the mayor of Carbajosa, Pedro Samuel Martín, have attended the opening ceremony that has included a technical visit to this new facility.

The new station allows the refueling of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). As explained by Paulino Benito, manager of the transport company Beconsa, “it will really enable us to do something for the environment, which is something that society is demanding,” adding that “it is a sustainable energy that will help us avoid global warming.”

On the advantages of this type of refueling, Benito has indicated that “a CNG vehicle does not practically notice the fuel changes and the autonomy is long, not forgetting that its price is considerably lower than other fuels, with a saving of between 30 and 35%.”

The new Salamanca station has an LNG tank that will provide the entire fleet of the Beconsa transport company with supply and the increasingly growing demand for heavy transport and vehicles.

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